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International Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Jitesh S B Gajjar, Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester, UK.

  • Dr. Praveen K. Thallapally, Chief Scientist, Energy and Environment Directorate, PNNL, USA.

  • Dr. Sandile Motsa, Professor and Dean at University of Swaziland, Durban, Swaziland.

  • Dr. Carolyn A Koh, Professor, Center for Hydrate Research, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado, USA. 

  • Dr. Judith Schicks, Professor & Head, Gas Hydrate Research Group and Chair, Internal Scientific Council, Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer, GFZ, Germany.

  • Dr. Takeshi Sugahara, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, Japan.

  • Dr. Ugur GUVEN, CSSTEAP, London, England, United Kingdom

  • Dr. Stefano Luzzatto, ICTP, Italy.

  • Dr. Alexey Seteikin, Professor, Department Physics, Amur State University, Blagoveshchensk, Russia.

  • Dr. Palani Balaya, Professor, Department of Physics, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

  • Dr. Suresh Rassopan, Professor, Department of IT, University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibri, Sulthanate of Oman.

  • Dr. Jyoti Phirani, Professor, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

National Advisory Committee

  • Dr. D. Srinivasacharya, Professor, Department of Mathematics, NIT, Warangal

  • Dr. P. V. S. N. Murthy, Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIT, Kharagpur

  • Dr. N. Kishan, Professor, Department of Mathematics. Osmania University, Hyderabad

  • Dr. Rajnish Kumar, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT, Chennai.

  • Dr. P. Anantha Lakshmi Narayana, Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIT Hyderabad.

  • Dr. Amreesh Chandra, Professor, Department of Physics, IIT Kharagpur.

  • Dr. S. Narender Reddy, Professor Emeritus, JNTUH, Hyderabad.

  • Dr. A. Sadananda Chary, Professor Emeritus, JNTUH, Hyderabad.

  • Dr. CH. Ram Reddy, Associate Professor, NIT, Warangal

  • Dr. Raghavender Reddy, Sc. G UGC DAE, Indore.

  • Dr. Anshuman Dalvi, Department of Physics, BITS Pilani, Rajasthan.

  • Dr. Odela Ojjela, Associate Professor, DIET, Pune.

Local Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Ch. Srininavas Kumar, Department of Mathematics

  • Dr. A. Raju, Department of Mathematics

  • Dr. G. Venkata Suman, Department of Mathematics

  • Dr. Ch. Sumalatha, Department of Mathematics

  • Dr. M. Sravani, Department of Mathematics

  • Dr. Abhinava Srivastav, Department of Mathematics

  • Dr. S. Vijay Prasad, Department of Mathematics

  • Dr. R. Ramana Reddy, Department of Physics

  • Dr. Hussain Maseed, Department of Physics

  • Mr. P. Srinivas Reddy, Department of Physics

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