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Aim and Scope of the Conference

The ICFESM-2023 aims to bring together leading Academicians, Scientists and Research scholars to exchange their experiences and research results about all aspects of Science, Engineering Technology Innovations and use of the premier multidisciplinary platform for applications in all areas of Science & Engineering. 


The conference mainly focus on the following important topics: 
The Fluid dynamics provides an advanced forum for studies on all aspects of fluid including mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, and experiments. The Fluid dynamics covers a broad range of applications which includes flow of compressible and incompressible fluids, vapor-liquid and slurry flows, turbulence, waves, boundary layers, wakes, channel and nozzle flow, fluid-structure interaction, lubrication, flow in porous media, flow through turbo-machinery, aerodynamics and rheology as well as new and innovative measurement techniques.

Energy Storage Materials cover multidisciplinary for communicating scientific and technological advances in the field of materials and their devices for energy storage and relevant energy conversion. Energy Storage Materials reports significant new findings related to synthesis, fabrication, structure, properties, performance, and technological application, in addition to the strategies and policies of energy storage materials and their devices for sustainable energy and development. 

Gas hydrates or Clathrate hydrates are crystalline water-based solids physically resembling ice, in which small non-polar molecules (typically gases) or polar molecules with large hydrophobic nature are trapped inside "cages" of hydrogen bonded, frozen water molecules. Most low molecular weight gases, including CH4, CO2, H2, N2 etc as well as some higher hydrocarbons, will form hydrates at appropriate temperatures and pressures. The three major areas that drive scientific and industrial interest on gas hydrates are flow assurance, energy resource and technological applications. The technological applications include seawater desalination; natural gas storage and transport; gas separations including CO2 capture.

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